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We welcome back all our readers, after a hopefully refreshing summer break, with an issue dedicating ample room to key geopolitical reflections. These are related both to innovations in the energy sector, likely to radically change the present equilibria of energy supply, and to more dramatic recent events involving the Middle East and the Economies in Transition. The choice is purposeful. Indeed, notwithstanding the huge differences in causes, locations, and effects, it is impossible not to grasp the interconnections among all these issues. With its articles Re3 hopes to offer its small contribution to stimulate a "global thinking".
Most read articles
The EU and Kyoto Protocol: Achievements and Future Challenges
The Birth of a Jihadist Caliphate
Water Security Issue in the Caribbean Windward Islands
Editor's Choice
"Can Research Support Climate Negotiation Processes and Policy?" by Jacopo Crimi
Environment - Articles
How can we achieve international cooperation for enforceable treaties? How should such treaties be structured? How effective would polycentric approaches be in reaching solutions? These are among the topics discussed during the workshop on Climate Change and Public Goods on June 9-10 by Valentina Bosetti, Carlo Carraro, Astrid Dannenberg, Partha Dasgupta, Ottmar Edenhoffer, Michael Finus, Philipp M. Hannam, Bard Harstad, Michael Hoel, Simon Levin , and Alessandro Tavoni.
Latest Contributions
"The Birth of a Jihadist Caliphate" by Daniele Atzori
Economics - Articles
The jihadist group formerly known as ISIS, which already controls vast areas of Syria and Iraq, has recently proclaimed the restoration of the caliphate. The presence of a jihadist state in the Middle East represents a formidable threat to the Arab state system.
"Buy Coal to Solve Free Riding", Interview with Bård Harstad
Energy – Interviews
Bård Harstad received the 2013 Erik Kempe Award for his novel and insightful contribution to the study of international environmental policy in his paper "Buy Coal! A Case for Supply-Side Environmental Policy". In a short video, he explains to Re3 the logics behind his theory, and possibly why the jury chose this paper for the award.
"The Global Revolution of Unconventional Oil. New Markets, New Governances, New Policies" by John M. Deutch
Energy - Articles
John M. Deutch – Emeritus Institute Professor at the MIT - addresses the consequences related to the unconventional oil revolution, focusing on US foreign policy, the driving forces leading towards a new world energy balance, the role of new players in a renewed energy scenario and the political, sociological and geostrategic dynamics.
"Water Security Issue in the Caribbean Windward Islands" by Mattia Amadio
Environment - Articles
Focusing on water security and its link with sustainable development, the article identifies key drivers and stressors to both natural freshwater availability and national demand in the Windward Caribbean island states, evaluating how climate change and development may affect them.
"Light Duty Vehicle Battery Costs" by Thomas Longden
Energy – Articles
Comparing the cost of batteries used in passenger vehicles can be problematic. This article aims to clarify some of the issues that have led to confusion when discussing the cost of batteries. Recently, confusion over both the current price and a break-through price of batteries has prevailed.
"The Ukraine Debacle" by Anatol Lieven
Economics – Articles
In this article based on his recent lecture in FEEM, Anatol Lieven, King’s College London, explores the crisis in Ukraine, a country torn apart by ethnic strains and nationalism that has dramatically become a focal point of the international agenda, the real epicenter of European, United States and Russian negotiations.
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