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After the Contributions of Working Groups I and II to the 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC, Re3 dedicates its editor's choice to the presentation of the Contribution of Working Group III focussing on mitigation. This huge report is again introduced by interviews to key experts clarifying with simple words the main issues at stake. It emerges that decarbonization implies a huge change in our current technologies, but also that alternatives are accessible at a reasonable cost. Therefore, all ultimately rests on our willingness to follow a different and sustainable development path.
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The EU and Kyoto Protocol: Achievements and Future Challenges
Greening Economics: It is Time
Turkey as a Regional Natural Gas Hub: Myth or Reality
Editor's Choice
"All You Need to Know About the IPCC 5th Assessment Report. Mitigation of Climate Change", Interviews with Carlo Carraro, Alessandro Lanza and Massimo Tavoni
Environment - Interviews
In this new video, Italian Lead Authors Carlo Carraro, Alessandro Lanza and Massimo Tavoni summarise the main issues tackled by the third volume of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, dedicated to the mitigation of climate change
Latest Contributions
"The Relaunching of Negotiations on Green Goods and Services: Any Breakthrough in Sight?" by Jaime de Melo and Mariana Vijil
Environment – Articles
The Bali agreement last December has given new hopes that the WTO is not dead----The recent announcement that negotiations on the reductions of tariffs on environmental goods are to resume starting from a list of goods identified by APEC members in September 2012 gives hope that the triple win outcome of the Doha round—for trade, for development and for the environment—might materialize, at least partly. Or does it? This article argues that unless the field of negotiations is widened, the initiative will not help much.
"The Impact of Salary Cap Violations in the NRL" by Thomas Longden
Economics - Articles
A salary cap has been in place in one of Australia’s most popular professional sports since 1990. Since 2001 there have been multiple cases where rugby league teams were found to have notably violated the salary cap. This article discusses recent work conducted to calculate the impact of these violations.
"Greening Economics: It is Time" by Carlo Carraro, Marianne Fay and Marzio Galeotti
Environment - Articles
The concept of environmental capital is thoroughly entrenched in policy discussions but largely missing from mainstream economic curriculums. This article argues that environmental externalities, climate change, and constraints on natural resources will constantly and deeply affect humankind’s future. The teaching of economics, especially growth economics, should stop ignoring them.
"Home Team Advantage in the NRL" by Thomas Longden
Economics - Articles
The National Rugby League (NRL) competition provides an interesting example for an analysis of home team advantage as many of the Sydney teams in the NRL share stadiums. This article discusses recent work conducted by Longden and Kannard (2014) that confirms that playing at a traditional Sydney stadium does provide an advantage.
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