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The IPCC recently presented in Yokohama the Contribution of Working Group II to the AR5, focussing on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation. This effort, conducted by more than 300 scientists from 70 different countries, summarizes 7 years of new research outcomes since the AR4. The contributions confirm the "reason for concerns" of the AR4, but with important novelties. One that we would like to stress here is perhaps a stronger emphasis on social aspects. One of the five major "reasons for concern" highlighted is indeed the adverse impacts that climate change can exert on equity and fair distribution of resources. In fact, not only poorer countries, but also weaker social groups within a country are in fact more vulnerable to climate change impacts. Inequality aversion and fairness should thus be additional motivations to justify mitigation and adaptation action. This also in the light of the fact that an increasing inequality cannot be sustained forever.
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The EU and Kyoto Protocol: Achievements and Future Challenges
Behavioral Economics for Environmental Decisions
Urban Areas and Watershed Services: Strategies for Ecosystem Management and Urban Risk Reduction
Editor's Choice
"All You Need to Know about the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report. Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability" , Interviews with Francesco Bosello, Sergio Castellari, Jonathan Lynn and Riccardo Valentini
Environment - Interviews
With the aid of whiteboard scribing, Italian authors of the IPCC Report - Francesco Bosello, Sergio Castellari and Riccardo Valentini – explain the main issues tackled by the second volume of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report, dedicated to climate change impacts. The video is introduced by Jonathan Lynn, Head of Communications and Media Relations at IPCC.
Latest Contributions
"Educational Expenditure and Remittances: Is there a Link?" by Cristina Cattaneo
Economics – Articles
Are transfers from members living abroad a stimulus to a key sector such as schooling in Albania? The article summarizes the results of a study investigating which factors boost the household expenditure in education, with a special emphasis on the remittances sent to Albanian families from migrants living abroad.
"The Uneven Impacts of Climate Change" , Interview with Robert O. Mendelsohn
Environment - Interviews
Interviewed by Re3, Professor Robert O. Mendelsohn, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, discusses the effects of climate change on sectors such as Agriculture, Heating & Cooling, Sea Level Rise and the Water Cycle.
"Time Overruns in Public Procurement and Concession Contracts: penalty fee and option value to delay" by Chiara D'Alpaos and Sergio Vergalli
Economics - Articles
Evidence from procurement and concession contracts shows that time overruns are widespread. This article summarizes two studies that investigate causes of time overruns in public procurement and concession contracts and determine the trade-off between the supplier’s option value to delay and the penalty fee to be paid for the delay.
"The Future of Iran's Gas Market after the (potential) Nuclear Deal" by Simone Tagliapietra
Energy - Articles
This article summarizes the key results of a study aimed at analyzing Iran’s natural gas market outlook in the aftermath of a potential nuclear deal, looking at potential production trends and export options, but also at the political and commercial barriers that such a development will likely have to face.
"Urban Areas and Watershed Services: Strategies for Ecosystem Management and Urban Risk Reduction" by Yaella Depietri, Lorenzo Guadagno and Margaretha Breil
Environment - Articles
Under scenarios of increasing urban expansion, environmental degradation and hazard exposure, the vulnerability of urban populations needs to be tackled through novel, integrated solutions. The article suggests that urban areas would benefit from a shift in perspective recognizing the connections between urban areas and watersheds.
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