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The ideal energy source is safe, secure, clean and possibly cheap. All energy sources apparently had these characteristics, at least in their initial development and exploitation phases. Environmental externalities, scarcity and problems of instability of supply emerged later on. Nuclear energy is no exception, with a further peculiarity: probably more than any other energy source, it is associated with a low risk of potentially catastrophic outcomes. This very specific risk is at the heart of the "nuclear issue" which is discussed in this month’s Editor's choice.
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Trends and Challenges for Environmental-Ecologic Indicators and Assessments
Turkey as a Regional Natural Gas Hub: Myth or Reality?
The EU and Kyoto Protocol: Achievements and Future Challenges
Editor's Choice
"Nuclear Expansion or Phase-Out? Costs and Opportunities" by Enrica De Cian, Samuel Carrara and Massimo Tavoni
Environment - Articles
Nuclear power lost significant credibility after the accident in Japan of 2011, leading to downward revisions about its development in the coming years. Yet, the British government has just approved the construction of a nuclear power plant in the UK, at a strike price which has puzzled many analysts for being close that of renewable alternatives today. In this article we explore future scenarios for nuclear power vis à vis with renewables for meeting climate mitigation policies, providing insights on technological progress in renewables and overall economic costs of reducing nuclear power.
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"Turkey as a Regional Natural Gas Hub: Myth or Reality?" by Simone Tagliapietra
Energy – Articles
This article presents the key results of a field study carried out in Istanbul by FEEM researcher Simone Tagliapietra with the aim of exploring Turkey’s potential to become a regional gas hub by analyzing the future prospects of the Southern Gas Corridor and of the potential Eastern Mediterranean Gas Corridor.
"Benefits and Related Threats of Coral Reef Ecosystem Services" by Sabah Abdullah
Environment - Articles
Users, stakeholders and decision makers need to reconsider their strategies, roles and perceptions in meeting the challenges confronted by diverse marine ecosystems, such as coral reefs. Moreover, what is urgently needed in benefit estimation of coral reef services is the interconnectedness of this ecosystem state to human welfare.
"Trends and Challenges for Environmental-Ecologic Indicators and Assessments" by Francesco Bosello and Lorenza Campagnolo
Environment - Articles
What is the state of the art of environmental indicators? What are the drawbacks of past approaches, the strengths of new methodologies and challenges ahead? This article is an overview of the final conference of the Environmental Indicators Workshop (December 2013) within the EU-FP7 project e-Frame, European Framework for Measuring Progress.
"Behavioral Economics for Environmental Decisions" Interview with Rachel T.A.Croson
Environment - Interviews
Rachel Croson's talk at EAERE 2013 discussed the origins and current state of this behavioral policy research, and highlighted open questions and opportunities for new explorations. In this short video-interview granted to Re3, she gives a summary overview of this relatively new field of study for neophites.
"Money Creation: The Role of Trust for Public Happiness and Sustainable Growth" by Nicola Genovese and Maria Grazia La Spada
Economics - Articles
The article discusses the creation of money in primitive populations at the beginning of economic activity, within a social environment where interpersonal trust, reciprocity and moral principles were prevalent. The analysis highlights the need to create a social environment based on these values for obtaining public happiness and sustainable development.
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