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Welcome to this last 2013 issue that introduces our readers to two important events, among others, which took place at year end. The first is the Warsaw COP 19. It is not always easy to grasp the meaning and the accomplishments of these very complex and technical climate negotiation rounds. That's why we got straight to the core of the negotiation in a 4-minute multi-expert interview. The second is the November conference on "Methodologies and Indicators for Green Growth measurement". Again, experts guide us through the multidimensional and challenging field of sustainability measurements.
Most read articles
Efficiency and Acceptability of Climate Policies: Race Against the Lock-ins
The EU and Kyoto Protocol: Achievements and Future Challenges
FEEM Sustainability Index 2013
Editor's Choice
"What Happened at COP 19?"Interviews with Steffen Kalbekken, Sara Venturini, Mariagrazia Midulla and Federico Antognazza
Environment - Interviews
The last COP19/CMP9 United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Warsaw, Poland on 11-22 November 2013. Re3 publishes a 4-minute interview with key experts to understand the goals and main results of the meeting
"The Latest Insights on Green Growth Measurement" Interviews with Carlo Carraro, Fabio Eboli, Marianne Fay, Paul Schreyer and Michaela Saisana
Environment - Interviews
The "Methodologies and Indicators for Green Growth measurement" conference of November 12, 2013 assessed the state of the art in quantitative measurement of sustainability, and presented the updated findings of the FEEM SI Index 2013. Re3 hosts the interviews with the keynote speakers, their presentations and the video of the event.
Latest Articles
"Rethinking Global Natural Gas Markets: New Challenges and Opportunities Ahead" by Manfred Hafner and Simone Tagliapietra
Energy – Book Reviews
In their volume "The Globalization of Natural Gas Markets: New Challenges and Opportunities for Europe", Manfred Hafner and Simone Tagliapietra provide a comprehensive analysis of the challenges and opportunities of the global gas industry, with the aim to provide a clear snapshot of a market characterized by growing uncertainty and volatility
"The Extraordinary Evolution of the Global Gas Industry" Interviews with Jacqueline Bucher, Anne-Sophie Corbeau, Jacques de Jong, Arild Moe, Michele Polo and John Roberts
Energy - Interviews
In short interviews granted during the recent FEEM Gas Talks held in Milan on November 5-6, 2013, leading energy experts debate on European gas demand and supply and on the future of gas pricing and European gas governance, shedding light on a market characterized by growing uncertainty and volatility.
"Towards a Sustainable University – The Ca’ Foscari Experience" by Chiara Mio
Economics – Book Reviews
The path towards sustainability needs a deep cultural change, starting with the education of responsible citizens. In her recent book “Towards a Sustainable University” Chiara Mio describes a strategic and organizational sustainability approach in the context of universities, both from an academic literature perspective and from a real case example.
"Efficiency and Acceptability of Climate Policies: Race Against the Lock-ins" by Julie Rozenberg, Adrien Vogt-Schilb and Stephane Hallegatte
Environment - Articles
Capital-based policies are more politically acceptable than a carbon price as they do not create immediate losers. However, they reduce emissions slower and need to be implemented sooner. Delaying their implementation may create a political-economy lock-in (easier-to-implement policies become unavailable) and an economic lock-in (the target becomes more expensive).
"When Collaboration becomes Value Creation. A New Relationship between Companies and Citizens" by Ilaria Pais
Economics - Articles
The article focuses on the rise of a model of citizenship based on responsibility and awareness of emerging challenges. Citizens and firms become partners of a commitment aimed to generate a positive impact on society, and to transform the model of Business Sustainability into an innovative and modern paradigm.
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