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Last November 12th, FEEM officially presented the improved version of its perspective Sustainability Index. It required two years of work by a team of modellers and statisticians, it coupled raw data gathering, simulations and elicitation of experts opinions. Is it possible or even legitimate to compress the multi dimensional concept of sustainability in one figure? We believe so if the final aim is, in full transparency, to identify and quantify non trivial relations across social, economic, and environmental drivers and to show the consequences of policy decisions on each of them. More on this in this issue's editor's choice.
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The Globalisation of Natural Gas Markets: New Challenges and Opportunities for Europe
Climate change: everything you need to know about the IPCC 5th Assessment Report
Including non-CO2 Emissions in the European ETS
Editor's Choice
"FEEM Sustainability Index 2013" by Fabio Eboli
Environment - Articles
After the Rio+20 UN Conference in 2012, the debate on sustainable development has focused on monitoring the progress in wellbeing, paving the way for the transition from Millennium Development Goals to Sustainable Development Goals. Re3 hosts the most updated findings of FEEM’s Sustainability Index, disclosed officially on November 12 2013 during the conference “Methodologies and Indicators for Green Growth Measurement". Interviews with the keynote speakers – Carlo Carraro, University of Venice and FEEM, Fabio Eboli, FEEM SI Team Leader, Marianne Fay, World Bank, Paul Schreyer, OECD and Michaela Saisana, EC-JRC - are available along with the video registration and background documents of the event.
Latest Articles
"Financing the European Energy Infrastructure of the Future" by Simone Tagliapietra
Energy - Articles
The European energy infrastructure is ageing and, in its current state, is not suited to match future demand for energy, to ensure security of supply or to support large-scale deployment of energy from renewable sources. This article explores innovative tools to promote private sector financing of energy infrastructure projects.
"Environmental Effects of Residential Consumption Behaviours in the Czech Republic" by Milan Scasny
Environment - Book Reviews
How are different consumption activities structured within the Czech society, and what effects do they have on the environment? This new volume by Milan Scasny, Jan Urban and Iva Zverinova proposes examples of policy measures and tools aimed at reducing the adverse environmental effects of residential consumption behaviours.
"Including non-CO2 Emissions in the European ETS" by Carlo Orecchia and Ramiro Parrado
Environment - Articles
What is the role of non-CO2 emissions in climate change mitigation efforts? This article aims at a quantitative assessment of the extension of the European Emissions Trading System (ETS) to allow for the exchange of permits for non-CO2 greenhouse gases emissions and at evaluating its impact on policy costs and the composition of output.
"Urban Risks and Climate Change" Interview with Anthony Bigio
Environment - Interviews
One year after Sandy hit New York, Anthony Bigio, George Washington University and IPCC Lead Author Working Group III, focuses on the key concepts of urban risks, climate change and resilience. Re3 publishes a synthesis of his keynote address delivered at the 2013 FEEM and CMCC convention.
"When Collaboration becomes Value Creation. A New Relationship between Companies and Citizens" by Ilaria Pais
Economics - Articles
The article focuses on the rise of a model of citizenship based on responsibility and awareness of emerging challenges. Citizens and firms become partners of a commitment aimed to generate a positive impact on society, and to transform the model of Business Sustainability into an innovative and modern paradigm.
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