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One field of booming research, scientific interest, policy and stakeholder debate is surely climate change adaptation. Adapting to a changing climate is unavoidable. From this descends the need, in a world of limited resources, to understand where adaptation is more effective, efficient, and equitable. The topic can be addressed at different scales, from the international strategic one to that of site specific measures, with different perspectives, from the engineering to the financial one, with different methodologies. Sticking to the commitment to keep readers updated on this hot and multifaceted topic, Re3 presents in this issue’s editor's choice an analysis of vulnerability and adaptation to droughts in Northern Italy. A further evidence, if needed, that adaptation concerns are common to developing and developed countries.
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Editor's Choice
"Droughts in Northern Italy: Taken by Surprise, Again" by Lorenzo Carrera, Jaroslav Mysiak and Jacopo Crimi
Environment - Articles
Can drought-induced threats be turned into adaptation opportunities? This article analyses the unexpected vulnerabilities revealed by a long-lasting period of drought events across the Po river basin district in Italy from 2003 to 2012, and proposes four policy options to reduce the water scarcity and drought risk at river district basin level.
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"Deforestation and Government Conservation Policies" by Luca Di Corato, Michele Moretto and Sergio Vergalli
Environment - Articles
As the human population grows, natural habitats are exposed to conversion. While clearing land to develop it may lead to the reduction of environmental services, conserving it has an opportunity cost in terms of foregone profits from economic activities. This article investigates land conversion by studying conversion dynamics under different policy scenarios.
"Oil Price Forecasts and Trends" Interviews with Bahattin Buyuksahin, Leo Drollas, John Elder, Wincenty Kaminski, Charles F. Mason and James Smith
Energy - Interviews
Following the International Conference on "Oil Price Forecasts and Trends" organized by FEEM on May 23-24, 2013, Re3 interviews energy experts Bahattin Buyuksahin, Leo Drollas, John Elder, Wincenty Kaminski, Charles F. Mason and James Smith on the key issues of oil price forecasts and international energy markets.
"Breaking Up Water Monopolies: Costs and Benefits" by Alexandros Maziotis
Economics - Articles
This article looks at vertical and horizontal integration in the English and Welsh water industries, estimating the costs and benefits of breaking up monopolies. The results of the analysis suggest that there is no real reason why water and sewage industries should be integrated.
"The Globalisation of Natural Gas Markets: New Challenges and Opportunities for Europe" Interviews with Ralf Dickel, Domenico Dispenza, Ahmet Evin, Řystein Noreng, Keun Wook Paik and Howard Rogers
Energy - Interviews
The European gas industry has experienced an extraordinary success over the last decades. Gas experts from the academia, international organizations and the industry discuss mid- to long-term challenges and opportunities for European gas markets in order to shed light on a market characterized by growing uncertainty and volatility.
"The "Invisible Role" of Business Groups is made Evident" by Armando Rungi
Economics - Articles
BGs are clusters of legally autonomous firms within and across national borders. They represent a lion's share of value added generation in developing and developed economies, yet they are poorly investigated. The article shows how BGs adapt their organization to various institutional environments and how various organization strategies affect performance.
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