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With this issue we want to flag to our readers' attention two very different, but equally important initiatives related to the promotion of sustainable development in Italy. The first is the International Forum on Green Growth (IFGG) held at the end of last year in Venice. International experts from China and Italy discussed the opportunities and challenges offered by green development, identifying room for fruitful cooperation between the two countries. The second is the newly-born Italian Association of Environment and Resource Economists (IAERE). It aims to attract young researchers into the field, not only to strengthen the presence of the environmental and natural resource economics discipline within the Italian academia, but also to increase its influence in the policy process. The promotion of sustainability is such a crucial and complex issue at this time, that efforts like those paved by the IFGG and the IAERE are most needed and welcome.
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The Rise of East Africa in the New Global Energy Landscape
Towards a New Eastern Mediterranean Energy Corridor
Environmental Fiscal Reform
Editor's Choice
"Green Growth: a New Alliance between China and Italy" by Hu Bin, Fang Shouen and Paolo Soprano
Economics - Articles
The International Forum on Green Growth held in Venice on November 26-27, 2012, opened a discussion among international experts on the chances and challenges to establish a new alliance for green growth between China and Italy. Re3 is pleased to publish three contributions drawn from the presentations by Hu Bin, Deputy Chief, Supervisory Board Office of the China Development Bank, Fang Shouen, Vice President, Tongji University, and Paolo Soprano, Director, Sustainable Development and NGOs, Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea.
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"No Facts without Values" interview with Ottmar Edenhofer
Environment - Interviews
Climate change is still not widely recognized as a burning issue. Despite illusions, climate skepticism is not dead yet but only evolving, shaped in different forms, each with different underlying reasons and meanings. Ottmar Edenhofer, co-chair of IPCC Working Group III, identifies five types of climate skepticisms and one possible pathway to tackle them.
"The Rise of East Africa in the New Global Energy Landscape" by Manfred Hafner and Simone Tagliapietra
Energy - Articles
The geographical distribution of African natural gas resources is going through a period of profound change as new gas discoveries in East Africa emerge to reshape the continent's energy landscape. This region is rapidly establishing itself as a world-class natural gas province and two countries have already emerged as key-players of this new African natural gas renaissance: Mozambique and Tanzania.
"Toward Economic Activities Benchmarking: A Study of the Bolzano Province" by Silvia Battaiotto and Manfredi Vale
Economics - Articles
The study analyses the Bolzano Province economic system, with the aim of understanding its relationships with the ecosphere. An Input–Output model, combined with the Life Cycle Assessment, has been applied to assess the potential impacts related to air emissions, energy consumption and waste generation by economic activities. The results showed that most of the impacts are due to the production and disposal of waste. Specifically, the major impacts are attributable to the tertiary sector (domestic demand) and secondary sector (for the production of goods that have to be exported).
"IAERE: Italian Association of Environment and Resource Economists. A New Initiative and its First Annual Conference" by Marzio Galeotti
Environment - Articles
The first conference of the newly-born Italian Association of Environment and Resource Economists (IAERE) took place in Ferrara last February 8-9, 2013. Professor Marzio Galeotti, Chairman of the Association, describes its main goals and gives a brief overview of the event.
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