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We are particularly glad to open this 2013 with such a diverse range of topics. They span from renewables development, to geo-political considerations on China’s quest for energy, from the detection of pro-social behaviour in experimental economics to the use of environmental standards by firms as entry deterrence. Presenting our readers with variety and breadth is what we are aiming at with our journal. At the same time, the challenge remains to perceive how all these very different dimensions are in fact strictly intertwined when the goal is sustainable development. Sustainability requires, but also offers an opportunity, to synthesize many different instances. Fresh debate and ideas are welcome.
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The Doha Climate Gateway: a First Key-Point Assessmen
The EU and Kyoto Protocol: Achievements and Future Challenges
Conceptualizing Urban Adaptation to Climate Change
Editor's Choice
"Renewables in Germany", interview with Andreas Löschel
Energy - Interviews
Is the German example able to show the path for the decarbonisation of Europe? Andreas Löschel from ZEW starts off from analysing the current German renewables energy market, giving some prospects on its likely future development, and then broadens the picture on Europe's desire for decarbonisation.
Latest Articles
"China’s Quest for Energy Security: Why Are the Stakes So High?" by ZhongXiang Zhang
Energy - Articles
China’s global quest for resources – in particular, oil and natural gas - has received unprecedented worldwide attention and scrutiny. But are the stakes raised unnecessarily high? In this article ZhongXiang Zhang, Distinguished Professor and Chair at Fudan University, China seeks to clarify these points based on the paper he presented as invited plenary address at the International Conference on “Energy Security in a Multipolar World”, The Royal Society, London, 12 December 2012..
"Do Social Incentives Matter? Evidence from an Online Real Effort Experiment" by Mirco Tonin and Michael Vlassopoulos
Economics - Articles
Money matters, but is that all? This article presents evidence that social incentives can boost productivity in sectors that rely on pro-social behaviour such as health, education, and social care. It argues that this may help explain the growing popularity of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes within firms.
"The Entry-Deterring Effects of Environmental Policy", by Ana Espinola-Arredondo and Felix Munoz-Garcia
Environment - Articles
This article investigates the signaling role of environmental policy in promoting, or hindering, the ability of a monopolist to practice entry deterrence, showing that environmental policy can facilitate the incumbent firm’s concealment of information from potential entrants.
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