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With the approaching of this journal's first Christmas and the end of 2012, a retrospective appraisal is unavoidable. A first evaluation cannot miss the recently concluded Doha negotiation round on climate change policies. Perfectly organized, with huge emphasis and coverage from the local media, despite top level participation from local authorities highlighting the interest for this first conference held in an Arab country, very little progress seems to have been achieved. In fact, considering the sequential disappointments since Copenhagen, the officially established existence of a well-defined post-Kyoto period is a non-negligible outcome. Despite all its limitations, it keeps the process alive, and offers interesting development opportunities to existing carbon markets. Also, 2012 marks the end of the first Kyoto committment period. Once again, it is unavoidable, to analyze what really happened and why. Read more on both topics in the editor's choices. FInally, from the editorial staff of Re3, warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and a great thank you to all our readers. We'll be back in 2013 with new articles and initiatives!
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Conceptualizing Urban Adaptation to Climate Change
Challenge Ahead for Energy Economists
Obesity is Contagious! Evidence from US Data
Editor's Choice
The EU and Kyoto Protocol: Achievements and Future Challenges by Marinella Davide and Fabio Eboli
Environment - Articles
This article by FEEM researchers Fabio Eboli and Marinella Davide assesses the European Union's positive performance in achieving its own Kyoto Protocol target, unlike the other Annex I countries. The analysis highlights a quite heterogeneous situation across Member States.
"The Doha Climate Gateway: a First Key-Point Assessment" by Marinella Davide
Environment - Articles
The Doha Climate Gateway. This is the name of the outcome of the 18th UNFCCC Conference, which took place in Doha, Qatar, from November 26 to December 8, 2012. FEEM researcher Marinella Davide briefly comments the set of decisions made, after thirteen days of negotiations, to move the process forward and to save the Kyoto Protocol, at least in principle.
Latest Articles
"Growth, Mobility and Climate Policy: a Focus on the non-OECD" by Thomas Longden
Environment - Articles
A focus on mobility, the kilometres travelled using light duty vehicles, and climate policy is motivated by the persistence of strong demand for personal mobility. FEEM researcher Thomas Longden discusses recent research conducted at FEEM on the future of private vehicle travel and the achievement of different climate policy targets, with a particular focus on non-OECD regions.
"Obesity is Contagious! Evidence from US Data" by Luisa Corrado and Roberta Distante
Economy and Society - Articles
Overweight and obesity are social plagues of modern societies. The article draws from a research study undertaken by the authors showing that the scale of such a phenomenon is due to the effects of peers on individual weight-related behaviour, as well as to the limits on dynamic behavior imposed by habits.
"Aftermath of the EAERE 2012 Conference", interviews with Karine Nyborg, Ian J. Bateman, Kerry Smith, Jean-Philippe Barde
Environment - Interviews
Interviewed by Re3, EAERE president Karine Nyborg discusses the evolution of the Association since the start of its activities in 1990. A set of video interviews to EAERE 2012 conference keynote speakers and videos of the policy sessions complete the sketch.
"Challenge Ahead for Energy Economists", interview with Einar Hope
Energy - Interviews
Energy analysis is growing more and more complex as a result of the numerous issues at stake. Einar Hope, professor emeritus in Economics at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration explains why Energy Economists should adopt an interdisciplinary approach, and why universities need to encourage multidisciplinary research.
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