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Nowadays adaptation is unanimously accepted as an unavoidable complement to mitigation in any strategy aiming to effectively address the risks posed by climate change. However, moving from theory to the practice of cost-effective/cost-efficient decision-making, requires robust and reliable quantitative support. The economic and integrated assessment literature shows a booming research in the field. Nonetheless, the knowledge on the cost and effectiveness of adaptation measures remains scattered and incomplete. Moreover, the solutions proposed to reconcile the bottom-up (time, site, and domain specific), "micro" nature of adaptation with the macro-integrated perspective needed to define efficient and effective long-term climate change strategies are still unsatisfactory. Starting with a focus on the urban level, Re3 will devote particular attention to these themes presenting the advancements achieved and the gaps to be covered in the costs and benefits of adaptation assessment.
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Editor's Choice
"Conceptualizing Urban Adaptation to Climate Change", by Margaretha Breil and Katie Johnson
Environment - Article
Vulnerability to climate change is an increasingly relevant issue for urban policy makers. Based on a comparison of the selected experiences of several cities, this article examines and characterizes the levels of administrative adaptation planning, tools and information used in making policy choices, adaptation measures, and the roles of governance and finance in urban adaptation to climate change.
Latest Articles
"From Growth to Green Growth", interview with Stéphane Hallegate
Economics - Interviews
Green growth is about making growth processes resource-efficient, cleaner and more resilient without necessarily slowing them. The work presented in the interview aims at clarifying these concepts in an analytical framework and at proposing foundations for green growth.
"Can Advanced Biofuels Deliver?", by Valentina Bosetti, Michela Catenacci, Giulia Fiorese and Elena Verdolini
Environment - Articles
The article briefly reports the information collected through an expert elicitation protocol on the future costs of biofuels, the potential role of RD&D (Research, Development and Demonstration) programs and what non-technical barriers to diffusion should be considered when designing renewable energy policies.
"International Integration and Political Preferences: New Insights from the Recent History of EMU", by Sergio Currarini
Economics - Articles
International treaties and cooperation processes require prospective member countries to achieve given standards in either economic, social or environmental quality. This article explores the effect of such standards on domestic political preferences to interpret shifts in political outcomes in the Euro-zone.
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