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The Planetary Individual
by Massimo Tavoni
Environment - Video

What can we do to change our impact on our planet? In this video lesson Massimo Tavoni, Deputy Coordinator of the Climate Change and Sustainable Research Programme, shows us some simple steps we can take at home, school, the office, and on the road to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the risks associated with climate change. This is the first of a series of video lessons prepared by FEEM researchers for NECST, an Erasmus+ project, aimed at the digital and shared production of scientific contents in the field of energy and the environment.

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The lesson starts with one of the most famous pictures ever shot, the most circulated picture in the entire history of photography. It is the picture taken by the astronauts of Apollo 17 in the 1970s.

This picture led to the idea of a blue planet, dominated by oceans, and it had a profound impact on everyone. It was the first time we could see our Earth from the outside. It was the first time we realized that our planet is small, and that it is beautiful. This picture led to the start of the environmental movement in the 1970s, but it is very difficult to understand what we can do for our planet.

How can we change our actions and our behavior in such a way that our beautiful planet remains as beautiful as it was depicted back then? What can we do here, in the classroom,  maybe in a conference, or at home?

Prof. Massimo Tavoni
“The Planetary Individual”









Massimo Tavoni is Deputy Coordinator of the Climate Change and Sustainable Research Programme of Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei